предоставляем актуальную медицинскую информацию от ведущих специалистов, помогая врачам в ежедневной работе
предоставляем актуальную медицинскую информацию от ведущих специалистов, помогая врачам в ежедневной работе
предоставляем актуальную медицинскую информацию от ведущих специалистов, помогая врачам в ежедневной работе
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These terms of use of materials (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") establish the rules for the use of materials posted on the site www.rmj.ru (hereinafter referred to as the "Site" ). 

Familiarization with the materials posted on the Site, any use of them is possible only with full agreement with the Terms. 

The Owner of the Site LLC "Russian Medical Journal" (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") has the right to unilaterally amend the Terms. The current version of the Terms is posted at the link: www.rmj.ru/about/en/terms_of_use/

You accept full responsibility for familiarizing yourself with the Terms in force at the time of your visit to the Site.

The exclusive right to the Site as a composite work belongs to the Site Owner.

Use of materials posted on the Site 

The materials posted on the Site are intended solely for healthcare professionals. If you do not belong to this category of specialists, then under no circumstances do you have the right to use the information contained in the materials, including for making a decision about taking any medicines by you or third parties. 

Various materials may be posted on the Site, including video materials, texts of scientific articles, monographs, reference books, reports at conferences, symposiums, including those previously published in specialized medical and (or) pharmaceutical publications (with the source of borrowing indicated).

Also, the Site may contain instructions for the use of medicines intended for doctors and (or) pharmacists, previously posted in the State Register of Medicines (grls .rosminzdrav.ru). 

Any information on the Site cannot be considered as a recommendation to patients for the treatment of diseases and cannot serve as a substitute for medical consultation with a doctor in a medical institution, cannot be used to make a decision to change the order and regimen of using the drug recommended by the doctor. Such information cannot be interpreted  as an invitation to non-specialists to independently purchase or use the described medicines. 

This information is valid only for the territory of the Russian Federation, unless expressly stated otherwise. Names of drugs and recommendations for their use may differ in other countries. Not all drugs available in Russia may be approved for use in other countries. 

The placement of scientific articles and other materials from the Site in sections of pharmaceutical companies or in collections of literature on individual drugs is not evidence of the official consent of the manufacturer with the expressed point of view, but reflects the desire to provide specialists with the widest possible range of opinions about the company's products. 

Use of materials 

Issues of specialized medical and pharmaceutical journals, monographs, reference books, reports from conferences, symposiums, including those previously published in specialized medical and (or) pharmaceutical publications, video materials, materials in the "Blog" section of the Site are posted by the Site Owner on the basis of the Terms of Publication of Materials located at: www.rmj.ru/about/en/terms_of_publication/

Any use of these materials posted on the Site is possible only with the written consent of the Site Owner. 

Their citation is allowed according to the rules established by Article 1274 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and with the obligatory indication of an active link to the original source posted on the Site. 

The Site Owner informs visitors that the texts of scientific articles published in the journal BC are available under the  

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)  ("Attribution" 4.0 Worldwide). You are free to share and adapt these texts, provided that you provide attribution, the source of publication, and an indication of the changes you have made. You may not use legal or technological tools to restrict access to yestexts. 

The owner of the Site is the copyright holder of the issues of the magazine "RMJ" as composite works.  

The Site Owner informs that access to both full issues of the RMJ magazine in pdf format and individual articles of the RMJ journal in pdf format for personal scientific purposes is provided only to those visitors to the Site who have completed the registration procedure on the Site and confirmed that they have them medical or pharmaceutical education. 

Any use of issues of the magazine "RMJ" or articles of the journal "RMJ" in pdf format, including their reproduction, distribution, making available to the public, copying, processing is possible only with the permission of the Site Owner.


Claims cannot be filed against the Site Owner for any damage or harm caused as a result of using the information posted on the site, which led to incorrect diagnosis and drug therapy of diseases, as well as improper use of the products described here.

In terms of any recommendations for the use of medicines, other recommendations for the diagnosis and prevention, treatment of diseases, the Site Owner places all materials "with private opinions of specialists" - the authors of the materials on these issues, which may not coincide with the opinion of the Site Owner.

The Site Owner is not responsible for the use of the information contained in these materials.


The version of the Terms is effective from October 15, 2019.

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Данный информационный сайт предназначен исключительно для медицинских, фармацевтических и иных работников системы здравоохранения.
Вся информация сайта www.rmj.ru (далее — Информация) может быть доступна исключительно для специалистов системы здравоохранения. В связи с этим для доступа к такой Информации от Вас требуется подтверждение Вашего статуса и факта наличия у Вас профессионального медицинского образования, а также того, что Вы являетесь действующим медицинским, фармацевтическим работником или иным соответствующим профессионалом, обладающим соответствующими знаниями и навыками в области медицины, фармацевтики, диагностики и здравоохранения РФ. Информация, содержащаяся на настоящем сайте, предназначена исключительно для ознакомления, носит научно-информационный характер и не должна расцениваться в качестве Информации рекламного характера для широкого круга лиц.

Информация не должна быть использована для замены непосредственной консультации с врачом и для принятия решения о применении продукции самостоятельно.

На основании вышесказанного, пожалуйста, подтвердите, что Вы являетесь действующим медицинским или фармацевтическим работником, либо иным работником системы здравоохранения.

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